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The best mobile/desktop sharing platform out there

Build sophisticated share buttons without coding and install tech solutions quickly. Make the most of E-MAILiT unique features to generate money. All very simple, easy-to-use and user friendly.


Private, safe and secure

Your online safety matters and is of the highest concern to us. We know that the privacy of your information is important. E-MAILiT has SSL/HTTPS security and we do not share personally identifiable information (PII).

Beautiful icons

Your site’s look and feel are of the top priority. We focus for instantly responsive, large sharing buttons, SVG icons, mobile/tablet/desktop retina-ready tools, pixel-perfect at any size and shape, flat, sharper, and mathematically precise.

Layer 1

High customization with no website registration

Create stunning share buttons and add unique functionalities through the use of our online drag and drop tools. No signup, no login, no user accounts to manage.

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