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 New Design. More Features 

  • A highly customizable, clean, quick to load, caching via major global CDNs and super-lightweight button will give your social tools a more modern look and user friendly experience, with no website registration required
  • No branding. No clutter. All E-MAILiT branding is completely removed without you spending a dime. Make it look like you paid really expensive for these customized social sharing solutions. Make your share buttons entirely your own
  • Well-engineered code will not slow or block your website pages from loading
  • HTML5 and CSS3 valid code
  • Asynchronous loading ensures a fast page launch. Your E-MAILiT button script loads at the end, without long wait periods, keeping your visitors engaged with your content

 Desktop, Mobile, Everywhere & Mobile-Optimized Settings 
  • Your site’s look and feel are of the top priority, and so responsiveness and compatibility built having that philosophy in mind. E-MAILiT responsive share menu and After Share Promos (including Follow Buttons & E-MAILiT Adverts) will work and look great on all phone and tablet devices, fits on all displays and any theme
  • One-click Mobile sharing support to Facebook Messenger Send, WhatsApp, SMS Client (includes Apple's iMessage), Viber, Line, moShare, Any Email service, Any Blog service and Copy Link in email or IM. Provide effective share options in getting your mobile visitors to share
  • Share Buttons & Floating Share Sidebars are fully optimized, customizable, ensuring they automatically only appear on mobile

 The one-click way to share anything, anywhere 
  • Bookmark & Share your content to the most popular social networking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp and many more)

 Share Buttons & Follow Buttons: Grow your website and build your community 
  • 130+ sharing services to choose (updated constantly)
  • 10+ following services to choose (updated constantly)
  • Easy to install and to customize. Dynamically generate javascript code that can be copied and pasted into any website, or leverage our plugins with leading CMS platforms to add the website tools in a few clicks. Once installed, there is no code to change
  • Standalone Buttons Configuration. Simple configuration controls allow you to display your choice of social networks, as well as modify style, position, size, and order. Use small or large buttons, square or circle, vertical or horizontal, custom image or colored share icons, add global and original share counters
  • Pinterest Shareable Images is the best way for publishers who want to make their content more shareable
  • Custom Placement. Choose exactly where you want E-MAILiT website tools to appear
  • Google Analytics integrated. Your sharing stats automatically roll into your Social Plugin metrics
  • Auto Show Share overlay will appear after a custom time duration given by you, encouraging your visitors to share your site's content, offering them an easy way to engage effectively

 After Share Promo (focus on your sharers) 
  • Integrated Social Cycle engagement suite. Make easy for your visitors to connect with you, through social profiles, blogs, feeds and other social sources on the internet, saving space from the website canvas
  • Earn additional revenue and keep it all. Begin creating money from your social sharing button. Monetize the sharing of your site's content by creating a new source of income while enjoying higher click through rate, by displaying E-MAILiT Adverts. It's the perfect time to deliver advertising/promotion when your viewers are actively engaged in content they would like to share with their friends. Generate incremental ad revenue to supplement your existing revenue sources. Create new inventory by enabling ads that emerge from the buttons without having to change your page layout. Easy to install and to customize.

    The advert is clickable, and will link to a URL for the landing page to redirect to. Clicking on the advert will open a new window.

    It is your responsibility to ensure your choice of ad display settings is in compliance to the terms and conditions defined by the ad network you setup as in-share-button-ad.

    E-MAILiT Advert formats: Static, Video, Interactive and Dynamic

    Technical Requirements: 300x250 pixels