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Our platform is free of charge and provides easy access for Advertisers, Publishers and Users to reach their goals. E-MAILiT can generate traffic back to your site by helping efficiently the visitors to share your content.

 Why use E-MAILiT? 
E-MAILiT Share Buttons can be deployed on any site to drive traffic, stimulate viral activity, and track the sharing of content to over 130 services. E-MAILiT share buttons are mobile-friendly optimized (one piece of code for your desktop, tablet or mobile website) with automatic detection of device-type and will work and look great on all mobile devices and tablets. E-MAILiT makes sharing easy for online publishers. If you have a website or blog, you can put the E-MAILiT code on the page and start growing your community in a matter of minutes! Get more social traffic, likes, shares and followers on your site. E-MAILiT makes easier to increase your content distribution, generate revenue and measure social analytics.

 Sharing and Following Buttons (2 in 1):
Grow Your Website and Build Your Community 

  • Lots of sharing services to choose (130+ services).
  • Easily customize sharing on your HTML or CMS site.
  • Counters. Universal and original share counts.
  • Standalone Buttons (default/custom/original/circular icons large and small sharing buttons).
  • Easy to install and to customize. E-MAILiT is easy to add to any type of website.
  • Free from spam, clean, and adjustable.
  • Make easier for your audience/visitors to increase the share of your content distribution with their friends.
  • Share any content on the web with friends through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and lots more.
  • 3rd party share counter buttons include the Facebook Like Button, Facebook Share Button, Facebook Like/Share Button (combo), Twitter Tweet Button, Pinterest Pin It Button, Google+ Share Button, VKontakte Share Button, Odnoklassniki Share Button and LinkedIn Share Button.
  • Email sharing via Email Form, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook.com, AOL Mail and MailRu.
  • Integrated social life-cycle engagement suite. Make easy for your visitors to connect with you, through social profiles, blogs, feeds and other social sources on the internet, saving space from the website canvas.
  • Custom Placement. Choose exactly where you want E-MAILiT to appear.

 Monetizing: Create revenue and keep it all - Begin creating money from your sharing button 
How can you help me earn revenue from my website or blog?

We allow you to display your own ads too. We help Publishers to monetize the sharing of their site's content by creating a new source of income while enjoying higher CTR; we achieve this by offering the option to display in-Share-Button Ads, an additional way of creating Ad Campaigns, with less cluttering.

E-MAILiT enables Publishers to monetize their content with the After the Share Ad Unit. When somebody shares web content, Publishers have the option to take advantage of After the Share Ad to deliver targeted advertising to their viewers/visitors/sharers/followers/advertisers/audience. It's the perfect time to deliver advertising when your viewers are actively engaged in content they would like to share with their friends. If you have an internal ad sales team, you can choose to fill this inventory with ads of your own. It is your responsibility to ensure your choice of ad display settings is in compliance to the terms and conditions defined by the ad network you setup as in-share-button-ad.
  • E-MAILiT helps you to create new sources of income by displaying in-button ads and monetize the sharing of your website and blog content.
  • Less clutter. Integrated eye catching Promo Box (300x250 static, dynamic, video or interactive banners), saving space from your website's canvas.
  • Generate incremental ad revenue to supplement your existing revenue sources.
  • Activate ad campaigns and target your sharers.
  • Create your advertising campaign on an easy-to-use self-serve interface.
  • Easy to configure and can also create a new revenue stream.
  • Create new inventory by enabling ads that emerge from the buttons without having to change your page layout.
 Optimized for Any HTML Website and CMS platforms 
  • No account necessary. We want E-MAILiT to simply work for you, without registration, and no user accounts to manage.
  • Well-engineered code will not slow or block your website pages from loading. Asynchronous ensure a fast page launch by loading your E-MAILiT button script at the end, without long wait periods, keeping your visitors engaged with your content.
  • Fast and reliable performance.

    Test Desktop version
    Test Mobile version

  • Very light weight script which do not effect your site's loading speed.
  • We use caching via major global CDNs. A content delivery network (CDN) can give an equally fast web experience across the globe and is a collection of web servers distributed across multiple locations to deliver your content more efficiently to your users.

 Responsive and any Mobile device Optimized 
  • Mobile-friendly optimized with automatic detection of device-type. E-MAILiT will work and look great on all smartphones and tablets.

 Google Analytics 
  • Easy Google Analytics integration for social sharing stats.

  • 7 years of continuous service development.
  • Over 230,000 WordPress plugin downloads.
  • Automatically localized in 75 languages with Auto-Button Share-Text Translation.
  • API for third-party developers. We are working on it and since we are starting with a fresh code base it will take us a little time to get it up and running.

 Coming soon feature Hot List 
We created this list of upcoming features so you can watch E-MAILiT roll out.

Questions, comments, and feature requests are highly encouraged.
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Last Updated: April 6, 2015

  • Update MailRu, Taringa icons • Update Quantcast sharing endpoint • Add Hacker News, Mixi, Hootsuite, Quora, Yummly, Flipboard, Wanelo, Google PageSpeed Insights • Remove Arto, Favoriten, funP, PhoneFavs, GiveALink, iWiW, LockerBlogger, Logger24 • New Supported Platform: Email Newsletter • Mobile version re-designed

  • Discontinue account registration system

  • WordPress Admin Plugin Settings Panel Interface: Customize Services

  • WordPress Admin Plugin Settings Panel Interface: Customize Following Channels

  • WordPress Admin Plugin Settings Panel Interface: Create your Advertising Campaign

  • WordPress Admin Plugin Settings Panel Interface: Customize promo display

  • Website button code builder/generator

  • New Following Channels: Add Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Foursquare, Tumblr

  • Turn on/off after share ads

  • API

  • SSL/https