What is E-MAILiT?

E-MAILiT is a social sharing platform which can be integrated into websites with the use of a web widget. Once the widget is added, the websites' visitors can easily share content to every popular social network and mobile messaging app around the world; while the website owners get more followers on their social channels.


E-MAILiT provides the following:

To website owners, developers, brands and advertisers, E-MAILiT is a platform that drives viral traffic and generates money from the E-MAILiT ad inventory user interaction.

To users, sharers and followers, E-MAILiT is a tool used for sharing or following content and interacting with the E-MAILiT ad inventory.

1. User share content.
2. Sharer follow publishers' social channels.
3. Sharer and Follower interact with the E-MAILiT ad inventory.
4. Website owner monetize and earn revenue.