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E-MAILiT: The Greek way for share and like, which conquers the world — January 10, 2017 (in Greek language)

Radio station Podcast interview
ATHINA 9.84 — December 15, 2016 (in Greek language)

E-MAILiT: The 1st social sharing service in Europe is Greek! — December 13, 2016 (in Greek language)

A social sharing platform in 240 countries
AVGI — November 5, 2016 (in Greek language)

E-MAILiT share content using the Greek share button
iGuRu — September 28, 2016 (in Greek language)

Ε-MAILiT: Made in Greece
EIRINIKA (republication) — July 27, 2016 (in Greek language)

The Greek social sharing platform
IMERISIA — July 27, 2016 (in Greek language)

Every Like counts
PROTOTHEMA — July 5, 2016 (in Greek language)

E-MAILiT Share Buttons - review
TheCMSPlace — January 20, 2016

E-MAILiT: The best social sharing platform is Greek
Tech Community — December 15, 2015 (in Greek language)

The success story of the Greek social sharing platform
Eleftheros Typos — December 13, 2015 (in Greek language)

E-MAILiT, the most successful social sharing platform is Greek!
SecNews — November 23, 2015 (in Greek language)

E-MAILiT: The first share button in Europe is Greek
Digital Life — May 06, 2014 (in Greek language)

The Greek startup E-MAILiT shares content in social media
TECHUNIT — May 15, 2013 (in Greek language)

E-MAILiT, converting social sharing to revenue
Away — January 08, 2013 (in Greek language)

E-MAILiT, or sharing in... Greek!
SKAI — October 10, 2012 (in Greek language)

100 Useful Blogging Tools
DailyTekk — May 14, 2012