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Social sharing solutions and much more for publishers of all sizes to grow their audience.

E-MAILiT is free. There's no catch. All of its current features, are also provided for free. There is also a paid special service for delivering custom share buttons according to the publisher’s request and it is provided only to premier publishers with the charging price being dependent to the project's extent. In the future, the Premium plan is going to be introduced, adding even more unique features and levels of customization, mainly focusing on mobile web publishers (hey, we need to make money on something too, but our business model allows anyone to build and publish a share button for free).

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  • No branding. No clutter. You can completely remove the E-MAILiT branding to make the share buttons entirely your own! Make it look like you paid for this customized solution without spending a dime
  • 126 sharing services to choose (updated constantly)
  • 54 following services to choose (updated constantly)
  • Standalone Buttons Configuration. Simple configuration controls allow you to display your choice of social networks, as well as modify style, position, size, shape, color and order. Use instantly responsive, large buttons, SVG icons, and retina-ready tools for mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Custom Placement. Choose exactly where you want E-MAILiT website tools to appear
  • Easy to install and to customize. During the installation process, the javascript code is generated, and then can be copied and pasted into any website. Alternatively, if the webpage is built with a leading CMS platform (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Tumblr, Blogger), the share buttons can also be installed by using the appropriate widget. Once installed, there is no need to change the code ever again. It's simple and quick, even for non-techies

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  • MOBILE SHARING (Mobile Share Bar). Share Buttons and Floating Share Sidebars are fully optimized and customizable, ensuring that they automatically appear only on mobile devices. Learn more →
  • Shareable Images. Pinterest Shareable Images is the best way for publishers who want to make their web content more shareable
  • Tweet via You. Brand your Twitter social shares by including your Twitter handle and engage new followers
  • Auto Show. Auto Show Share overlay will appear after a custom time duration given by you, encouraging your visitors to share your site's content, offering them an easy way to engage effectively
  • After Share Promo. E-MAILiT offers Publishers the After Share Promo tool to increase user engagement, and generate revenue. Learn more →
  • Add your logo. Brand your share button by including your site's logo. Learn more →

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  • Your site’s look and feel are of the top priority. The aspects of responsiveness and compatibility are built with that philosophy in mind. E-MAILiT will work and look great on all phone and tablet devices, fits on all displays and any theme. Learn more →
  • One-click mobile sharing support. Provide effective share options in getting your mobile visitors to share via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS (includes Apple's iMessage), Viber, Line, Telegram, Skype, WeChat, Kik and Kakao. Learn more →

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  • Google Analytics integrated. Your sharing stats automatically roll into your Social Plugin metrics

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  • A highly customizable, clean, quick to load, caching via major global CDNs and super-lightweight button will give your social tools a more modern look and user friendly experience, with no website registration required
  • Well-engineered code will not slow pages from loading
  • HTML5 and CSS3 valid code
  • Asynchronous loading ensures a fast page launch. Your E-MAILiT button script loads at the end, without long wait periods, keeping your visitors engaged with your content
  • HTTPS / SSL Support. If you are using E-MAILiT on a page that is encrypted, you do not need to make any change. E-MAILiT will automatically use the current page's protocol (HTTPS or HTTP). All features will continue to work the same