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1.4B buttons served
123,337 shares in the last month
700M people interact in 240 countries worldwide

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Mobile-Optimized Settings and
Mobile Share Bar

One-click mobile sharing support. Provide effective share options in getting your mobile visitors to share via Facebook Messenger Send, WhatsApp, SMS Client (includes Apple's iMessage), Viber, Line, Telegram, Skype, Any Email service, Any Blog service and Copy Link in email or IM. Share Buttons and Floating Share Sidebars are fully optimized, ensuring they automatically only appear on mobile.

Desktop, Mobile, Everywhere

Your site’s look and feel are of the top priority. The aspects of responsiveness and compatibility are built with that philosophy in mind. E-MAILiT will work and look great on all phone and tablet devices, fits on all displays and any theme.


Auto Show

Auto Show Share overlay will appear after a custom time duration given by you, encouraging your visitors to share your site's content, offering them an easy way to engage effectively.

Add your logo

Brand your share button by including your site's logo. Learn more →


No branding. No clutter

You can completely remove the E-MAILiT branding to make the share buttons entirely your own! Make it look like you paid for this customized solution without spending a dime!

Shareable Images

Pinterest Shareable Images is the best way for publishers who want to make their content more shareable.


Tweet via You

Brand your Twitter social shares by including your Twitter handle and engage new followers.

Google Analytics integrated

Your sharing stats automatically roll into your Social Plugin metrics.


Highly customizable with no website registration required

Clean, quick to load, and super-lightweight button will give your social tools a more modern look and user friendly experience. Well-engineered code will not slow pages from loading.