About E-MAILiT
Explore unique ways to achieve the highest social performance for your mobile or desktop website, by increasing user engagement.

E-MAILiT is an innovative social sharing platform which always provides outstanding customer service and delivers unique tools across social web - both desktop and mobile - with the highest customization possible, so that the sharing buttons any publisher selects, matches the website's design.
The E-MAILiT service smartly combines a mixture of share buttons, media solutions, analytics, and much more, empowering publishers all around the world to build site hits, helping audience engagement, enabling simple sharing, generating revenue and promoting of their content, by focusing on their sharers.

E-MAILiT started as a nights and weekends side project and quickly grew to a hyper-growth bootstrapped start-up. At first, the main ideas for unique features were conceived and a private beta prototype was built. The project went to open beta in the third quarter of 2012 and at the beginning of 2014, E-MAILiT was officially launched. Up until now, it counts 2.5 billion share buttons served to-date and 30 million people per month who interact in 240 countries worldwide. Over 100,000 web publishers have trusted E-MAILiT share buttons, in any website (custom coded built, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal). Publishers choose E-MAILiT because it is easy to install and offers in-depth customization to satisfy all styles. Publishers praise the smart and fast customer support in their reviews, and constantly provide positive feedback regarding the absence of bugs. Additionally, the majority of our publishers are enjoying the fact that E-MAILiT is free.

The founder and leader of the startup is Nikitas Georgopoulos. Nikitas is a graphic designer guru and a coding enthusiast. He is also an avid follower of the global startup scene. Nikitas inspires the team to forward and creative thinking, and is thrilled with outside-the-box ideas.

E-MAILiT provides the appropriate tools to easily share any information and transforms the way content is distributed and shared across the web. It connects the world through 126 social sharing services and 54 following channels. Not only publishers make good use of E-MAILiT, but also the publishers’ users who get connected with each other. Over 100,000 publishers have installed E-MAILiT and almost 1 million people per day use E-MAILiT. The world has already decided whether they need E-MAILiT.

How did you pick your name?
From ancient times, human beings had the inclination to share. During the 1980s and 1990s, e-mail was the most prominent way of sharing. In the following years, the word "share" quickly became the most common term in social networking. Nowadays, social media may be getting all the buzz, but e-mail is still the most formal means of internet communication. This is the main reason why the founder chose the name "E-MAILiT". He wanted to pay tribute to the word "e-mail" and consequently for it to be a part of a high tech social sharing platform.

E-MAILiT is free. There's no catch. All of its current features, are also provided for free. There is also a paid special service for delivering custom share buttons according to the publisher’s request and it is provided only to premier publishers with the charging price being dependent to the project's extent.

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