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Redefine what share does for you. E-MAILiT started as a nights and weekends side project and quickly grew to a hyper-growth bootstrapped start-up. At first, the main ideas for unique features were conceived and a private beta prototype was built. The project went to open beta in the third quarter of 2012 and at the beginning of 2014, E-MAILiT was officially launched. The current team structure started working together since 2018 and 2020 the company incorporated. E-MAILiT was created to give you a choice in how you share and experience the internet, by making the web a smarter place. It helps you multiply your site revenues and provide value by creating customer-centric social networking that deliver experiences your visitors want to have, keeping privacy intact.
E-MAILiT has surpassed 4 Billion views all over the world.

executive team


Ilias Sousis



Member of Eurobank's EGG Accelerator.

A UK based start-up company.

A In4capital.com partner.